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Every property owner can benefit from having a beautiful outdoor living area. It's an ideal place to host company, get some sun and enjoy a breath of fresh air. Whether you're interested in installing a paver patio or a flagstone patio in Terrell, TX, the pros at Dryman Landscape Management are here to help.

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Check out the benefits of choosing each patio material

Check out the benefits of choosing each patio material

Not sure which type of patio you want? Before you make a decision, check out the benefits of both. For starters, flagstone patios are:

  • Durable - these patios can withstand extreme temperatures for centuries with proper care
  • Low-maintenance - flagstones only need to be swept or sprayed down to prevent stains from setting in
  • Easy to install and replace - the pros at our company can work on your patio stone by stone

On the other hand, paver patios are:
  • Versatile - these pavers can be manufactured to mimic patterned surfaces like concrete and brick
  • Beautiful - pavers come in a wide range of colors, textures and patterns that can complement your property
  • Adaptable - pavers can adapt to seasonal changes, making these patios last far longer than concrete options

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